Our company has a 5,000 m2 lot completely asphalted and fenced for the storage in mass of towed vehicles. We are located in Sant Esteve Sesrovires in Barcelona.

At the present time, besides maintaining the towing services for vehicle transport and pick-up, we have a great capacity for vehicle storage, as well as the corresponding license for Authorized Residues Management for VFU by the Agency of Residues of Catalonia. The control of vehicles that enter and leave the lot is totally computerized. In this way, we know the exact situation o each vehicle that have been in our company. From here,  vehicles are distributed to the final client or sent to their destruction. In our database, we accumulate information on more tha 300 car dealers for whom we perfom towing services and pick up. As well, we have more than 100 clients to whom we deliver fully operational vehicles or vehicles for spare parts recycling. Our ambition has taken us further and we have begun to work directly with public organizations, which have indicated their satisfaction in more than one occasion. Our company has initiated and finalized succesfully in 2009 the ISO 14001 and 9001 processes, for environmental and quality management, making us proud and consolidating our business project.